Our Services
Doctor on Call - 24 Hour
Emergency Service
Hospital and Ambulatory

General and Preventative Medicine
Vaccinations and Deworming
Dental Floating
Wound Exam and Repair
Opthalmic Exam
Respiratory Exam
Full Lameness Workup
Intra-articular Injections
Limb Ultrasonography
Pre-purchase/Insurance Exams/
Preventicare Exam
Colic Exams and Treatment
Coggins Tests
Health Certificates

Shockwave Therapy
The latest in therapeutic
shockwave technology

Benefits of Shockwave Therapy for
Injured Horses

Digital Radiology
The latest in Digital
Radiograph Technology


Reproduction Service
Breeding Soundness Exams
Uterine Biopsy/Culture/Cytology
Artificial Insemination
Ultrasound Imaging
24 hour Foal Watch and Foaling Out
in Hospital
Postpartum Mare and Foal Exams
Intensive Care for Critical Foals

General Surgery

Upper Respiratory
Gastric Endoscope

In House Laboratory
Blood Gases/Electrolytes
Lyme SnapTest
Fecal Analysis
Battenkill Veterinary Equine P.C.
PO Box 112, 518 State Rte. 29 and 40S, Middle Falls NY 12848
phone: (518) 692 - 2000  after hours answering service (518) 692 - 2000 or 1 (877) 770-5416
Fax: (518) 692 - 7554  info@battenkillequine.com
Battenkill Equine serves all types of Equines including horses,
ponies, mules, donkey's, and miniature horses.
"Haul In" vs "Farm Call"

Whether it is a routine visit or an emergency, it is also
possible to bring your horse to the clinic for a call.
Advantages to bringing your horse to the clinic are:

* Bloodwork and other tests may be
performed while you wait.
* Clean, dry, temperature controlled environment.
* Same day appointment almost always available.
* Earlier treatment for cases that may require