1. Visiting hours: Clients are invited and  encouraged to visit their horses
while they are in the hospital. Visiting hours are from 9 AM to 4PM Monday
through Friday and 9AM to noon on Saturday. We ask that you please call
the office and inform them when you will be  visiting. We also ask you to
understand the need for our staff and doctors to be able to continue
2. Client - Doctor Communications: Normally we call owners in the
morning between 8 AM and 10 AM after morning physical examinations
and give each client an update on their horse(s). Additional calls to
owners during the day or night are typically made if significant changes in
the horse occur. You may assume everything is going as expected
absent such a call. We will also call each owner after surgery once the
horse has recovered from anesthesia. Because of emergencies,
sometimes the surgery schedule will get changed but the owner will be
called as soon as the horse is awake.
3. Client - Patient - Doctor Confidentiality: Legally we are allowed to
discuss medical records only with the owner or dually authorized agent of
the horse. We are legally prohibited from discussing other hospitalized
cases with you or your horse's condition with any other client. We ask for
your understanding and restraint from natural curiosity to ask about other
4. Estimate of Charges: An estimate of the bill is given to help make
informed decisions about your animal. These estimates are made
accurately as possible, however, they are only estimates and the final bill
may be higher or lower. This is because every horse is different and may
respond to treatment differently. If desired, we can fax or call you with a
copy of the bill daily so you may keep track of the charges. If an estimate
is given for a package price, the price includes everything in the hospital
except unforeseen complications. The "package" price does not include
previous invoices, dispensed medications, or care performed after
5. Payment: A deposit of 50% of the estimated bill is due prior to any
services being rendered. The remainder of the bill must be paid in full
upon discharge of the patient from the hospital, or after services are
rendered. We accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and
American Express. "CareCredit" financing is also available.
6. Insurance Companies: If a horse is insured either for medical or
mortaliy insurance it is the owner's responsibility to call and inform the
insurance company that the horse is in the hospital. The insurance
company can dispute a claim if they were not notified of the horse being
hospitalized or treated. You should check to make sure that the insurance
will cover problems that may arise from a routine procedure prior to those
procedures being performed.

1. If you are questioning your horse's condition or whether it is necessary
to contact  us, remember that we would much rather take a call that ends
up being nothing than be contacted when it is too late to do anything for
your horse.
2. Know your horses normal vital signs (Normal ranges for all Adult
Equines - Temp: 99 - 101 - Heart Rate 30-44 beats per minute -
Respiration 12-20 breathes per minute)
and behavior.  This helps us
evaluate them in times of distress.
3. We accept cash, check, or credit card payment and payment is due at
the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon. Additionally, we accept
CareCredit payment plans.
4. Appointments are made at approximate times. Any changes will be
communicated to the client as soon as possible. Sometimes  an
emergency will conflict with a regularly scheduled appointment and the
appointment will be put off until later in the day or rescheduled. If this
happens, just remember, if it were your horse in an emergency, you
would want us there as soon as possible too.
5. In cases of emergencies, please have all appropriate information ready
when you call us:
*Description of problem
*Horse's name and location (specific directions please!)
*You name and a phone number we can call you back at
* If your horse is colicy, it will help if you can provide the heart and
respiration rates and the temperature.
Battenkill Veterinary Equine P.C.
518 State Route 29 Greenwich NY 12834
phone: (518) 692 - 2000  after hours answering service (518) 692 - 2000 or 1 (877) 770-5416
Fax: (518) 692 - 7554  info@battenkillequine.com
Emergency Services

It is our goal at Battenkill Equine to provide all our clients
with the best emergency care possible. We care about
your horses! For those of you who live so far away, we
especially ask for your understanding and patience as we
try to provide the best care for your horse and stay
available to everyone else as well. Our emergency policy
is as follows:

  • We answer all pages as quickly as possible with a return phone
    call to assess the problem and make a plan of action.
  • If we have more than one emergency at a time, we will triage the
    calls and provide emergency service to the most critical case first;
    we ask for your understanding in these situations.
  • If your horse is more than a 45 minute drive from the hospital, we
    ask that you make every effort possible to bring your horse to us,
    if at all possible. This allows our veterinarians to remain
    accessible to other patients and to our hospitalized cases, while
    still providing you with the best care. If this is not possible due to
    the nature of your emergency, we will gladly come to you.
  • Many times, from your description of the injury or illness, the
    veterinarian can determine that your horse will need to be
    admitted to the hospital for more intensive treatment. Certainly, if
    your horse needs to be seen prior to shipping (i.e.:a bad colic that
    needs sedation, an injured limb that needs a splint for travel, etc.)
    We will see your animal on the farm and then meet you at the
    hospital after the horse is stabilized. However, if your horse is
    stable enough to load and ship, it can make a big difference to
    get them to the clinic sooner so that the critical treatments and
    procedures can begin as soon as possible.
  • We do charge an emergency fee. We will provide emergency care
    to all of our regular clients.  We do ask for payment at the time of
    service and if your account is past due, payment of that balance
    as well. We understand that emergencies do occur at
    inconvenient times, and we will do our best to work with you in
    these circumstances.